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Animals Deserving of Proper Treatment

Description: A.D.O.P.T. is a not-for-profit, no-kill, all volunteer organization serving Naperville Il., and the surrounding area. A.D.O.P.T. evaluates and socializes our pets through an in-home care program, and our volunteers work very hard to make the best possible match between your home and lifestyle and our dogs and cats.

Mission: The mission of this Corporation shall be the placement of animals into permanent caring homes and to advance humane treatment of animals through education. The corporation will engage in any and all activities in furtherance of objectives established by the voting membership

To learn more about A.D.O.P.T. and participate go here:

Donate here:

Here are a couple of quick resources to boost your business, get started, or get your creative juices flowing and come up with some great ideas.

SCORE ( This is a non-profit organization that provides FREE (we love FREE around here) advice and counseling to small businesses.  You can check out the existing resources on their website, e-mail a counselor (they usually get back to you extremely quickly), or set up an appointment to meet with a counselor.  They were there to help in the extremely early developmental stages of

Startup Nation (  Startup Nation is another FREE resource with great articles and a community of experts to help with almost any venture you can dream up.  You can get a lot of ideas and get your ideas critiqued in Startup Nation’s forums.  We have gained valuable insight by getting constructively criticized in the forums.

LOCAL Na8ion (  Last, but not least, is LOCAL Na8ion.  You may have noticed that we’ve mentioned them before.  It’s for good reason.  LOCAL Na8ion falls right in line with what is all about, providing assistance and resources to the small business owner out there who wants/needs to be noticed.  Why run a business if people aren’t going to find you.  “If you build it, they will come”, happens under perfect conditions.  LOCAL Na8ion shows you how to put up your own, easy-to-edit web site AND how to market it, all for (you guessed it) FREE!  Implement some of the strategies that Julian Seery Gude of LOCAL Na8ion talks about and you should see a noticeable increase in your business.

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Emil @

***note: is being completely overhauled as we speak.  Our goal is late April 2008, if all goes according to plan.

You may find their profile on at

Here is a list of services from the Blair Technology Services website:

“On-Site and Remote Access Computer Repair
Our certified, experienced, and insured technicians come directly to your home or office to resolve your computer issues. Remote Access Repair is also available. We can connect to your PC securely right over the Internet. Call BTS today for a free consultation.

Network Implementation and Administration
Our certified network engineers and project managers are here to help. Small Business? Need and Network? A BTS Certified Network Engineer can come to your office and perform a full site assessment and provide you with a detailed report for no cost. Let our Certified Microsoft Small Business Specialist handle it. 

Affordable Website Design and Hosting
Blair Technology Services can design and host your state of the art Website, and provide for all related services to help ensure its success. Expensive Looking Sites at Low Prices.

Superior Customer Service
Our first priority is to provide our customers with a friendly and affordable service experience. We will make sure that all of your issues are resolved, all of your concerns are addressed and that all of your questions have been answered.”

You may find Retired Film Guys profile on our website at

This following is a small piece from

“Professional Services

Lowest Cost, Fastest Service, Finest Digital Quality for all of your old home movie transfers to DVD.

Some can be transferred same day at our Naperville, Illinois location.

Professional Service in Naperville, Illinois
Over 55 years of expert experience in film + video!!
We are a family owned and operated service.”


You may find Vinyl Frontier Records profile on at 

 Here is a quote from shop owner, Tim from Vinyl Frontier Records MySpace profile

“Hi my name is Tim. I live and work in mchenry Il. I build and collect mopar performance cars , I currently own a 72 prostreet roadrunner,and a 73 dodge charger. I love to get out to local cruise nights. Tuesdays at culvers in McHenry. Thursdays down town Crystal lake. Saturdays Dog and Suds in fox lake. I own a record store / guitar shop in McHenry Il. It is called Vinyl Frontier Records. The people that shop there claim it is a pretty cool place. I won’t comment on that since I would consider it to be bragging. We take trade in’s so if you are sick of your records or compact disc’s bring them in and trade em em up for stuff you like. I can get just about anything you want on vinyl also. You know the vinyl record is making a huge come back. I carry Jackson guitars as well as turn tables. I do turn table repair. We also sell cartridges and needles for your system.”

This is a quote from the Point of Contention Website

You may also view their profile on our site at

“Chicago’s Point of Contention [theatre company] poses difficult questions, demands truthful answers, and inspires others to do the same. By exploring the conflicts of everyday experience, POC redefines and reinterprets the ordinary. Sibling rivalries, office backstabbing, the two-second gaze between two passing strangers on the street—everything, anything, is ripe for scrutiny.

We encourage audiences to take a magnifying glass to the world. Through provocative and engaging theater, we challenge people to look deeper and ask, “But, why?” Our rationale: whether humorous, serious, life-changing or mundane, the moment we question ourselves, we inevitably shape not only who we are, but who we will become.”

This is a small informative piece from the Hogs & Honeys website

 You may view their profile on our website at

”  “Where the music rocks loud, the bull throws hard, the bar gets danced on, and everyone gets wet!”

1551 N. Sheffield
(at Kingsbury and Weed St.)
Chicago, IL 60622
Need directions? Click here

For information on promotional events or corporate or private parties please:
call 312-397-1277″

This is an informative article from the about us page at

You may also view their profile on our site at

“About Fat Cat Guitars

2271 Randall Road
Carpentersville , IL 60110
(corner of Randall & Miller roads, just across the street from Menard’s. Enter on Miller Road )

Phone: 847-844-8844

Monday through Saturday, 11 am to 8 pm
Sunday, 11 am to 6 pm


Who Are We?

FAT CAT is the brainchild of Elgin couple Scott Bond and Kate Darling Bond, both of whom are experienced music industry professionals.

Scott is a former major label recording artist (with his band Icos, formerly on Slipdisc/Mercury Records) who has toured the country and recorded at Abbey Road in London , the world famous studio where The Beatles’ Abbey Road and Pink Floyd’s Dark Side of the Moon were created. He has a wealth of experience in repairing and building guitars. Scott is also the former repair and inspection manager for Westheimer Corporation, which is the U.S. distributor for Cort stringed instruments. Scott is Fat Cat’s repair ninja and resident guitar whisperer. His band Aether brings the rock regularly to venues all over the Chicagoland area. You can reach him at

Kate is a former marketing director for Chicago concert promoter Clear Channel Entertainment (now called LiveNation) as well as Chicago’s late lamented radio station WRCX-FM (Rock 103.5), and she has worked with many of the biggest bands in the business today. Kate handles all advertising, marketing, promotion, and general business hoo ha. You can reach her at

Who Did All This Insane Art?

The Fat Cat logo was designed by underground artist and real cool cat Stu Helm. Stu also does all the original drawings and artwork for the store. You can view more of his work at is designed by ColdFusion rockstar Mike Rende. You can reach Mike through”

 This is an informative article about from the about us section of their website 

You may also find their profile on our site at

“Hey Champaign-Urbana, Welcome to! was created in 2007 by us, Dan Glazer and Justin Gorrell, when we were roommates here at the University of Illinois. After two years on campus we realized that wed fallen into a routine of eating out at the same few places night after night. We grew tired of the same old same old and decided it was time for a change. We knew that C-U had plenty of dining options to offer, but we had no idea where to find them. Naturally, we turned our search to the internet. With a lack of options, even on the World Wide Web, we decided to take action. It took months of hard work, research, and dedication but it finally paid off to bring you! contains the menu, phone number, hours, and location of every restaurant and bar in Champaign-Urbana!

Now with students, faculty, and residents of Champaign-Urbana can easily browse menus, search for new restaurants, and satisfy any craving! Keep an eye out for our exclusive food specials! Check out our online ordering feature weve made it easier than ever to get delivery!

Our goal with is to make the dining process here as simple and satisfying as possible. We look forward to serving the Champaign-Urbana community and we hope that you enjoy our efforts!

Thank you for checking out the site and dont forget – When youre hungry, EatCU!

Dan and Justin
Your EatCU Team”

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